On Monday’s program of the Rush Limbaugh Show, Rush uttered a phrase that caught many off guard when he said that President Obama has been the most successful President in history.  Now this obviously wasn’t Rush agreeing that what President Obama had been successful at were the right things, rather that he has been successful at just about every initiative he has tried to pass.  This got me thinking out loud, “We’ll he didn’t get the 2nd Amendment.”  Or did he???

I started to think about it and no, since Sandy Hook the Federal government has not passed any meaningful firearm’s legislation.  However, their continued focus/demonizing of firearms to any media outlet that would cover them provided the catalyst for states like Colorado to pass unheard of gun legislation.  If Buffalo Bill Cody had his way, he’d dig his way out of that grave south of Denver and mosey on up to Wyoming (after getting a drink at Coors).  Many cheered the failure of the revised assault weapons ban earlier this year, as did I, but few focused on what we lost.  Progressives will take the major victories when they can get them, but even when others see failure, Progressives will take the small victories and build on them over time.  Look at Massachusetts, California, New York, Colorado, New Jersey, and Maryland (to name a few), do you think they will ever ease the reprehensible gun legislation they have enacted over the past several years in the name of our children’s safety?  No.  They are in place for good.  And if you think Senator Dianne Feinstein has given up her crusade on banning “assault weapons” you’re insane.  I can almost see Senator Feinstein handing her failed “assault weapons” bill to her page and in a Sith Lord-like voice saying, “File this, but keep it close.  It’s time has not yet come, but it will, it will.”

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