One would think that President Obama would relish the opportunity to play Easter Bunny to future voters at the annual White House egg roll. But demonizing the GOP is apparently the first priority.

A dispute over a looming government shutdown is leading to threats from the White House that the annual Easter egg roll event will be cancelled… and it will all be the GOP’s fault!!

It is better to cite Washington Post’s non-denial denial and April Fool’s caveat than to summarize:

The memo — which doesn’t actually say the White House is nixing the bunny fest, but just that it might do so at some point during the next couple of weeks — warns ticket-holders that the nation’s financial woes may affect the 135th Easter Egg role slated for April 1. (Note: this is not an April’s Fools Day joke.)

“Finally, by using these tickets, guests are acknowledging that this event is subject to cancellation due to funding uncertainty surrounding the Executive Office of the President and other federal agencies,” it reads. “If cancelled, the event will not be re-scheduled.  We will notify you if there are any modifications to this event.”

Shutting down the White House tours for a while to smear Republicans’ request for fiscal responsibility led to blowback for the administration (don’t ask me how the GOP can be blamed for Obama’s sequester in the imaginations of partisan Democrats).

Now we have a new fool’s game to play: blame the Republicans for taking away kids’ Easter egg roll if we don’t raise another trillion bucks or so in taxes. Or else we can bill the kids for money borrowed from China, which has ironically funded the last three annual egg rolls.

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