President Barack Obama may not have uttered those exact words, but his actions have.

In 2009, over 70% of the American people said they did not want Obamacare, but did Obama listen to the American people?  No!  He pushed it through against the will of the American people and now we are all paying for it, literally.  Obamacare is already costing most Americans thousands of dollars more for healthcare, when we were promised it would keep costs down.  It’s also costing thousands of Americans their jobs as employers lay people off because of their increased costs.  Millions of Americans are losing their employer provided healthcare benefits because of the increased costs to employers.

The vast majority of Americans want our international borders secured, especially the border with Mexico.  Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer asked the Obama administration to take action to secure the border and stop the flood of illegal drugs and aliens.  The only action Obama took was placing road signs along Arizona highways telling them that it could be dangerous to travel in the southern portions of the state and drastically reducing the number of National Guard troops along the border.   When she passed state laws to protect her state, Obama challenged them in court.

Another act of Obama’s will to surpass the will of the American people is evident in the White House announcement that they are filing an amicus brief with the US Supreme Court to overturn California’s Proposition 8.  In 2008, the people of California voted in favor of Prop 8 which defines marriage as one man with one woman and bans same-sex marriages.  The measure went to the citizens of the state and their voices were heard at the polling booths.

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