Since becoming Secretary of State, John Kerry has thrown himself into his work. He has spent most of his time as Secretary on the road acting as America’s ambassador to the world. He has also been making a lot of promises – promises the Obama administration isn’t so sure it can keep. Kerry’s globe trotting and speech giving has some in the administration worried that Kerry will end  up biting off more than the administration can chew, and they are looking to rein the Secretary of State in.

The style difference between Secretary Kerry and the previous Secretary Hillary Clinton are stark. As Secretary, Hillary Clinton seemed much more aware of her political future in every comment she made and every deal she struck. For Clinton, being Secretary of State was a political opportunity to be used in building her resume.

For John Kerry, the ramifications are quite different. Kerry has given up his political ambitions and sees being Secretary as his chance to have the greatest impact he can. In other words, his work as Secretary of State will be the legacy he leaves, and he has worked tirelessly at the problems before him, without regard to his political future.

Some would call the new style honorable. Kerry doesn’t seem interested in political advancement as Clinton did before him; however, the direction that Kerry would lead us is, at the very least, problematic.

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