Have you noticed that Obama conveniently timed this terrorist exchange with the release of his lawless EPA carbon regulations? Today was going to be a huge news day with carbon regulations being the front and center of the news. These disastrous regulations have the potential to send the US in another great depression as they significantly increase the cost of electricity. This in turn will make everything more expensive and cost numerous jobs. In our already fragile economy, this spells disaster.

But what is everyone talking about today? The exchange of a traitor to our country, who is being called a POW. This sick liberal abandoned his post and joined with the enemy at the cost of American lives. Now Obama has broken countless laws to give up 5 terrorists to “get him back”. How soon until he leaves again and rejoins the enemy?

But once this story is finally sorted out we’ll be on to the next Obama scandal. It seems that the only thing that keeps the news from talking about the previous scandal is the newest scandal. Obama has yet to be held accountable for any of his countless scandals. The law means nothing to liberals and we are just letting them get away with it.

What can we do about it?

Check it out:

THE SECRET DEAL BEHIND BERGDAHL’S RELEASE: It began with secret negotiations three years ago, and finally culminated in the surprise exchange of Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl for five Taliban detainees this weekend, bringing home America’s last known prisoner of war. But widespread joy only lasted so long: U.S. lawmakers have released a flood of complaints about how the deal was struck without Congress’s knowledge or consent. Republicans, in particular, argue that the deal puts a price on the head of U.S. military personnel.

EPA TO SEEK 30% CUT IN EMISSIONS: The Environmental Protection Agency will propose mandating power plants cut carbon-dioxide emissions by 30% by 2030 from levels of 25 years earlier. That ambitious target—to be unveiled today—is the first-ever attempt at limiting such pollution, and is designed to give states and power companies flexibility in reaching the target. But the proposal will face plenty of political resistance and is expected to become a hot-button issue this election cycle. Amy Harder, Reid J. Epstein and Kristina Peterson report. Learn more about the EPA rule with a Q&A on what the climate-change rule will do and summary of five things to watch for as the news unfolds.

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