Liberals the world round are celebrating today because the American electorate proved just stupid enough to fall for Barack Obama a second time.

That means the leash is off the lion.

“This is my last election. … After my election I have more flexibility,” Obama told Russia’s Dmitry Medvedev earlier this year.

And he’s right.

During his first term, even with a Republican majority in the House of Representatives, Obama has gotten away with circumventing the Constitution, unilaterally granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, violating the rights of religious institutions and businesses, targeting conservatives for harassment by the IRS and other agencies, and countless other abuses of power.

He has used his overseas lackeys to surreptitiously overthrow governments and threaten the balance of power in the Mideast, he has ignored the threat of Iran, weakened our military, abandoned our allies, coddled our enemies and, in Benghazi, literally gotten away with murder.

He has turned our country from a world leader to a nation of feeble-minded dependents, and he is poised to greatly expand the quiet genocide of the abortion industry and install gay marriage as the new norm.