Another year, another waste of taxpayer money so that the Obamas can spend Christmas in paradise.

I’ve reported in the past that the annual trip to Hawaii costs taxpayers at least $4 million. It’s probably much more.

Air Force One alone burns up about $180,000 of taxpayer money per hour, putting the roundtrip flight alone at $3.24 million for an estimated 18 hours roundtrip flying time.

But that doesn’t even include at least one cargo plane that accompanies the president, since the motorcade doesn’t just materialize out of a Hawaiian pineapple field.

Hundreds of staff and security agents must also make the trip. And they must be put up in hotels at vacation-season prices for the 17 days or so that the Obamas plan to spend on Oahu. There are rumors of a side trip to Maui, according to the Hawaii Reporter, which has a good rundown of the vacation-related costs.

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