Picture this – it’s 105 degrees outside.  You come home to find your house “cooled” to 78 degrees instead of 68 because the government thought your home was too cold.

This scenario is closer to reality than you might think, according to Investor’s Business Daily

Last month, the EPA released an adjustment to the Energy Star efficiency requirement, by including a clause where homeowners could “voluntarily” add their homes to “smart power grids” which control energy usage.

These “smart grids” determine if your home is too cold, in order to combat mythological climate change, then it makes remote adjustments to your thermostat to benefit “planetary health.”

The overreaching government regulation doesn’t stop at controlling your AC.  These new standards can also control the temperature of your refrigerator and freezer, too.

Imagine reaching into your icebox to find warm beer because Obama’s Big Brother EPA thought your desire for cold beer was irresponsibly hurting the planet?

Imagine steak rotting in your own fridge because the government thought you needed to conserve energy by setting your refrigerator to a lower temperature?

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