Washington, the former swamp steeped now in ambition, acrimony and duplicity, is quite experienced in handling scandals. They erupt regularly like bipartisan blisters; think of Solyndra and Fast & Furious for two contemporary examples.

If handled correctly — take responsibility, be sincere, proactive, contrite and get all the bad stuff out there quickly in one tidy, eminently forgettable package — scandals can heal and leave barely a scar. We described here the initial Benghazi probe as a classic example.

On the other hand, take Barack Obama. Please.

His recent behavior and that of his administration in this ongoing bad news blizzard will be case studies for future generations of communications strategists on how not to address crises.

Obama’s never faced much adversity in life. His rhetorical skills carried him. He won a U.S. Senate seat as a Democrat facing Republican Alan Keyes, for pete’s sake.

Due to the complicity and/or laziness of the D.C. media, the Democrat’s not paid anywhere near a proper price for the countless screw-ups during his 1,577 days in office. An impressive run of luck that seems now to be self-destructing like those 30-second assignment tapes in ‘Mission Impossible.’