Here is a widely accepted rule of thumb in politics: Government entitlements, once conferred, can never be taken away.  Government entitlements, by their very nature, tend to be permanent.  A corollary to this rule of thumb is that people who become addicted to government handouts will automatically vote for candidates who promise to feed their habit.   No politician understands this rule of thumb and its corollary better than Barack Obama.  In fact, President Obama not only understands the principles of entitlement and dependency, he is using them in a concerted effort to keep himself in office and to ensure that the radical left will maintain power in Washington, D. C. long after he is enjoying the substantial perquisites of being a former president.

If it were not such an unscrupulous, unconscionable, deceitful undertaking, one could almost admire President Obama’s single-minded determination to achieve his nefarious goal.  And what is that goal? It is nothing less than an entitled America populated by citizens who are so dependent on the government that Democratic victories in future congressional and presidential elections are guaranteed.  But in their zeal to create dependency, what President Obama refuses to acknowledge is that when our country reaches the tipping point where more people are taking than giving, the economy will fail.  When this happens, it won’t matter how large a majority the Democrats enjoy in Congress, there won’t be enough dollars in the federal treasury to pay the entitlements demanded by their dependent constituents.

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