One month. That’s how long before President Obama inserted himself into the Trayvon Martin case, further drumming up the racist allegations that painted suspect George Zimmerman as a murderer.

Four Hours. That’s the window of time separating the insidious murder of school children in Newtown Connecticut and the President’s first statement about the tragedy.

Twenty-seven months and counting…the same president who has routinely injected himself into national judicial cases, has remained conspicuously quiet regarding the heinous charges brought against Dr. Kermit Gosnell in Philadelphia.

Abortionist Gosnell is charged with eight counts of first-degree murder, as well as multiple counts of conspiracy, criminal solicitation and violation of a state law that forbids abortions after the 24th week of pregnancy. As the case unfolds before the Common Pleas Court in Philadelphia, the grotesque details of Gosnell’s practice have shaken even the most abortion-ambivalent Americans to the core.

“Raining fetuses” …blood-stained sheets and towels…underage medical assistants…babies screaming “like aliens”…severing spinal cords and beheadings. These are just a meandering of the testimonies disclosed during the jury hearing.

And yet, President Obama has remained uncharacteristically quiet. The same president who was quick to exacerbate the charges of racism in the Trayvon Martin case, even when none had been proven, has declined to address the African American children murdered at the hand of Gosnell, and the hundreds of minority women who were exploited by the abortion industry.

The blackout from the media is shameful but not surprising …but the silence from the president is deafening.

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