One of my well-placed sources (retired Lt. Col.) says it is curious Ambassador Stevens had just concluded a meeting with the Turkish Consul General on Sept. 11, shortly before he was killed. Several days before, a Libyan ship docked at a Turkish port near Syria, allegedly carrying weapons from Libya to Syrian rebels. (Another report today from Canada Free Presstell us it is likely Russians ordered Iranians to attack our consulate in Benghazi in order to stop the arming of Syrian rebels.)

Several people have wondered why Stevens was in Benghazi, especially on 9/11, when that location had been attacked numerous times, his requests for enhanced security going unheeded by the Administration, and he was fearful of violence and injury.

Speculation, buttressed by certain developments, indicates Stevens was being used by Obama to coordinate weapons shipments to the Syrian rebels via the Turks with the use of Libyan shipping.
Others have reported the perennial problem with such a scheme: weapons, including shoulder launched missiles, fall into the wrong hands, in this case, Al Qaeda.

Was Stevens ambushed by Al Qaeda in Benghazi in an operation designed to acquire weapons? Did the Syrian regime order a hit on our consulate to disrupt arms shipments to Syrian rebels? Was Stevens taken out by our own government to cover other nefarious operations Stevens might have been about ready to reveal? Or was it all just a matter of Al Qaeda related groups taking the opportunity to attack and kill Americans on 9/11?

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