It’s right in front of us, and yet somehow beneath the radar.

President Barack Obama has whipped up a novel new strategy for expanding government’s control over our lives and enlarging the power of the executive branch. The reason it’s so hard to see is that ironically enough — actually, it’s almost hilarious — he’s taking portions our freedom by offering to expand our “rights.”

You and I now have, Obama asserted, the right to health insurance. Not just the increased access to coverage afforded by Obamacare, but the right to it. Life, liberty, and managed care.

But that’s not all. This year, Obama has been suggesting that you also have the right to go to college, to place your kids in early-childhood education classes – that is, daycare – and even the right to join the middle class as long as you put in some effort.

Here’s what Obama isn’t telling you: When you start turning desirable commodities into fundamental rights, you must, by definition, have more government, because only government can guarantee “rights.”

And you know what that means: More red tape, more bureaucracy, more rules, and of course more policing, for you cannot be denied your “rights.” Choice is eventually removed from the equation, because federally written standards must apply to ensure that no one’s rights are being abused or denied.