Have you ever felt more important in your whole life?  We women are now the focus of every major political conversation out there.  We ladies are the distraction that Obama needs to keep people from asking questions about Benghazi.  He also knows that without us, he is toast on November 6th.  Pretty good position to be in, huh?

At first glance we should be flattered that we are being courted so aggressively, but like all courtships, we have to look deeper into the motive of our suitor. We all know that when a man needs and wants us he will do whatever it takes to win us over.  He will tell us what we want to hear, flatter us, promise us the moon and denigrate the other guy who also has his sights set on winning us over.

Obama and his campaign know this and they have their eyes on the prize:  the female vote.

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