The leadership of the Republican controlled House of Representatives is failing the American people and the members that many conservatives worked their rear-ends off in 2012 to get elected.  It seems Eric Cantor is attempting to strong arm Committee Chairs into supporting a farm bill that was DOA last month and will be broken apart and voted on again in pieces.

In a tense, closed-door meeting today at the Capitol, House majority leader Eric Cantor (R., Va.) scolded several Republican committee chairmen for voting against the farm bill that failed to pass the House last month.

…Cantor told the chairmen it was “unacceptable” for them to not vote together on final passage, especially since the leadership supported their amendments to the agricultural package.

…Cantor coolly reminded them that the leadership is much more likely to usher their bills to the floor if they stick with him on votes.

…a Cantor aide, declined to confirm the session, telling NRO that Cantor’s office does not discuss member meetings.

The mental image of Cantor playing tough guy is is hard to get over, but don’t fool yourself, the Speaker and his leadership team have the power to keep their members in check.  These committee chairs understand that, and if you are unwilling to get in line, your name is Ron Paul, Justin Amash, Joe Walsh, Alan West, MUD! Leadership will attack and marginalize anyone that doesn’t conform, it’s their job, and they are good at it. Believe me when I tell you, you don’t want to be “that guy” on The Hill.

The Authentic Chair of the DNC, Karl Rove recently attacked Justin Amash for being a liberal…

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