I was having my oil changed this morning, during which the service manager and I somehow got to discussing the “knockout game”, were punks attack unsuspecting victims and knocked them to the ground, just for fun.

I have done business with this dealership for years, so they know me and are comfortable that I open carry my side arm.

Our conversation soon attracted more people and most that ended up taking part in discussion, were in favor of law-abiding citizens owning and carrying guns. There was however, one who advocated strict gun control. Interestingly, this young woman had no problem for me carrying a weapon, but was generally against it.

I posed a scenario to the “discussion group”. Yes I know, I’m such a geek, discussing politics with a bunch of gear heads at an auto dealership.

Anyway, here was the scenario: You (anyone of them) and I are walking down the street – not together, but on the same sidewalk. A criminal has the intention of robbing someone. He spots us both and has to make a choice of whom to rob. Neither of us is particularly physically intimidating. The difference is that the perp can plainly see that I have a side arm and you do not. Now, who’s he going to victimize?

In unison, everyone agrees it will not be me. Even the gun control advocate agreed, and did so without hesitation.

At that point, all involved, including the young woman, had to admit that in this particular scenario, gun control is illogical and purely emotional.

As long as no one is ever presented a scenario like this, gun control is an easy backstop position. But no one in their right mind would choose me as the likely victim.

The young woman, who was now visibly rethinking her position on gun control, then asked me why I carry. Another participant asked why I don’t “concealed carry”.

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