Supposedly “the law” applies equally to everyone. But it doesn’t. Here’s “Exhibit A” in the case of the legal double standard that lets cops do scot-free what citizens do only at pain of high fines and other high costs.

Here’s a video taken by me of a speeding cop:

This cop was on the median of I-581 (an Interstate spur) running radar when I passed him on my way to the motorcycle shop to pick up some parts. On my way back a few minutes later,  I came upon him again as he was just finishing up issuing a piece of payin’ paper – no doubt for “speeding” – to some poor soul whose day it wasn’t. The cop was pulling into traffic as I passed him. And within moments, he was passing me – at well above the sacred speed limit of 55 MPH. You can see the cop accelerating away from me in the left lane. I’m doing 60 – and within moments he is half a mile ahead of me. I paced him – discreetly – for about five miles before he finally turned off (to refuel at Crispy Kreme, I assume). He was running 70-plus the whole time. Not “on a call.” Not “in pursuit.” Just driving along at the perfectly reasonable speed of 70-75 MPH.

Except, he’d ticket me – or you – for doing the same thing. We’d get a $150 (or more) piece of payin’ paper and 4 DMV “demerit points” on our driving records – to be used as evidence of our “unsafe” driving habits by the insurance Mafia to justify their jacking up our premiums for the next 3-5 years (the duration a “moving violation” remains active on one’s DMV record).

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