Oklahoma legislators, fighting against political correctness and initiating a battle for traditional American values, will consider various bills implementing a shift toward those traditional values when they return to the Capitol on Feb. 3.

One bill offered by Republican Sen. Rob Standridge of Norman, would require Oklahoma’s public elementary schools to recite the Pledge of Allegiance every day. The bill would also allow students opposed to doing so to be exempted. Another requirement of Standridge’s bill would be the requirement that every public school own and display a U.S. flag.

Another bill, from Sen. Eddie Fields, (R-Wynona), would allow the State Board of Education to separate from the K-12 Common Core State Standards, requiring the Board to adopt changes to the state’s current English, language arts, and mathematics requirements. The bill would make the Board ask the U.S. Department of Education to change the agreement and sever federal funding from the implementation of the Common Core standards.

Two different bills from Rep. Ken Walker, (R-Tulsa) and Rep. Bobby Cleveland, (R-Slaughterville), would allow schools the freedom to show religious scenes or symbols, as long as the display also included a companion scene from another religion and embraces both a religious and secular symbol. Another requirement would be the inclusion of a traditional winter celebration.

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