There seems to be ever increasing emphasis on democracy’s desirability as a form of government. The media and politicians keep talking about democratic government both here and abroad as the ideal. And an ignorant population buys into this deception.

Yet America was not founded as a democracy. In fact, democracy is not mentioned in any of the founding documents. America was established as a republic – a representative republic – not as a democracy. It is said the Founding Fathers feared democracy – rule by the mob – the much uninformed or under-informed populace.

Mob rule brings about unbelievable occurrences. Guys are elected with little or no experience or preparation for the task at hand. Certainly the election of Barack Obama is a prime example – when you consider his inexperience and background compared to that of his opponent.

Democracy is leading to the decline of our once great country – as more and more takers vote for more and more politicians who promise more and more free stuff.

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