In fairness, they have the same name (via Politico):

Sen. John McCain got his wish when his op-ed against Russian President Vladimir Putin was published in Russia news outlet Pravda. The only problem — it may have been the wrong Pravda.

The Arizona Republican published his anti-Putin piece on on Thursday, an English and Russian news website that was founded in 1999.
But McCain said he was hoping to publish in the Communist newspaper Pravda, meaning “truth” in Russian, which was founded in 1912. That publication, after being banned when the Soviet Union collapsed, was rekindled and is still circulated by today’s Russian Communist Party. and the paper are unrelated media outlets, except for the name.

McCain, not surprisingly, balked when the media suggested he accidentally published his op-ed in the “wrong” newspaper:

On Thursday, a spokesman for McCain said the senator submitted the op-ed to both publications and hoped both would run it. He denied is the “wrong” Pravda.

On Sunday, McCain told reporters that the Communist one was the Pravda he hoped would publish his piece, but that publication’s editor wrote in a statement that the publication would not accept McCain’s op-ed unless it aligned with their position supporting the Syrian regime, according to CNN.
McCain’s critical op-ed on, titled “Russians deserve better than Putin,” was a response to Putin’s own piece in The New York Times last week criticizing American exceptionalism and arguing against action in Syria. McCain is a longtime critic of Putin and an active supporter of U.S. intervention on behalf of the Syrian opposition.

Speaking of which, McCain’s op-ed is worth a read. Entitled “Russians deserve better than Putin,” McCain excoriated his arch-rival, among other reasons, for impoverishing a great and mighty nation; governing with impunity above the rule of law; punishing dissidents and political activists longing for freedom; and allying himself with the world’s most repressive tyrants and thugs:

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