The nonprofit group born from President Obama’s reelection campaign had 109,582 donors in the first quarter.

The nonprofit group born from President Obama’s reelection campaign said Friday it had raised just under $4.9 million in its first quarter of fundraising.

According to an email being sent to supporters Friday morning, Organizing for Action will report they had 109,582 donors in the first quarter, with an average donation of $44. The group’s $4.9 million haul came despite a first quarter shortened by a month as the group reorganized following the presidential election.

“To anyone who thought we couldn’t do this, these numbers send a pretty clear message,” OFA Executive Director Jon Carson said in the email. “It’s never been done before, but supporters like you are doing it.”

The organization also plans to release a list of donors who gave more than $250 later Friday.

The fundraising numbers come amid political pressure from watchdog groups and Republicans that have accused the organization of selling access to the president.

A report in The New York Times claimed that donors who gave $500,000 would be guaranteed quarterly access to the president and that a $50,000 donation was required to attend a founder’s summit, held in Washington last month, where President Obama spoke.