I was really disappointed at how many people voted for the Obama/Biden ticket in November. I have also been very disappointed at how the Tea Party/Ron Paul republicans in the House and Senate still seem neutralized by RINOs and other big spenders. I have no idea how long the economy can last, but it is clear that the next two and probably four years won’t give us a new political direction that really tries to cut back on spending on entitlements and the military industrial circus.

Obviously, conservatives need to work hard for change in 2014 in Congress and the Senate. The great thing about Congress is that we don’t have to worry about the dynamics of the Electoral College. There are no inconsequential states because every state gets Congressional Representatives and Senators.

But I think we also need to realize that Tenth Amendment issues are not just significant, they are essential to pushing back the aggressively expanding state of the Obama Administration. Specifically, the authority of the states is essential to stopping Obamacare. According to Politico there is a “nightmare” possibility for the Obama Administration that his healthcare boondoggle becomes an obvious failure:

“The nightmare scenario for Obama is… : Everything the critics have said over the years is right. Health care premiums would shoot way up for everyone, because all the sick people get coverage and the healthy people don’t sign up. Subsidies could become a huge drain on the federal treasury, creating another entitlement that’s politically impossible to roll back. Businesses might drop health coverage and send their workers to the health exchanges — overloading the exchanges and driving up costs even more.”

 And this failure scenario depends in a great part on the cooperation of the states: