Several people in comments to my article “Liberal Compares Obama’s Push for Tax Hikes to Lincoln Wanting to End Slavery,” used the phrase ‘No Taxation without Representation’ in reaction to where our nation is headed. It’s not a good response to our current situation.

Right now there are more people who want higher taxes than people who don’t want higher taxes. The people who want higher taxes vote for people who will represent what they want. This means that if a certain segment of the population can get 51 percent of the electorate to vote for representatives who will raise taxes, then we have taxation with representation.

Harvard University’s Harvey Mansfield writes,

“‘within democracy there is good and bad, free and slave,’ and that ‘democracy can produce a slavish mind and a slavish country.’ . . . The end goal, Mr. Mansfield worries, is to sideline the American constitutional tradition in favor of ‘a practical constitution consisting of progressive measures the left has passed that cannot be revoked. And that is what would be fixed in our political system — not the Constitution.’ . . . The welfare state’s size isn’t what makes it so stifling, Mr. Mansfield says. ‘What makes government dangerous to the common good is guaranteed entitlements, so that you can never question what expenses have been or will be incurred.’”[1]