Senator Rand Paul called out the president Tuesday, urging that if he were really serious about ending NSA bulk data collection, then he would do it immediately.

“The interesting thing is he unilaterally instituted this program without congressional authority,” Paul said on the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends.

“Now he’s saying he has to wait for congressional authority to undo it. I think he could unilaterally stop the program if he were serious about it.” the Senator added.

The comments came following more half hearted assurances by the President that the NSA would be reigned in.

When Obama says he needs to wait for Congressional authority to action something, you can take it to the bank that he is stalling. After all, since when has this president catered for the Constitutional process? What happened to his infamous magic pen and his “year of action”?

Many commentators feel that it is no coincidence that Obama’s renewed declarations come at the same time as movements in Congress that appear to be aimed at diminishing the NSA’s powers, but that in reality may actually allow for even greater searches of data.

Rep. Mike Rogers introduced a bill yesterday that claims to be focused on ending NSA bulk data collection, but that actually simply re-categorizes the data concerned, potentially allowing the practice to continue unhindered. Rogers’ true intentions may be gleaned from the fact that he also penned an op-ed in USA Today, claiming that the NSA’s program was “necessary” and “vital”.

Rand Paul warned that the proposed solutions also do not go far enough to curtail the NSA’s spying powers. The president intends to effectively outsource the data retention to telecommunications companies, making them the NSA’s lapdogs.

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