The NFL playoffs are upon us. Wildcard weekend has wrapped up. For many it is an exciting time. For us Patriots fans, it is both old hat and expected.

Yet for most, the close of the regular season just means, you had better be a hockey or basketball fan.

The players head off to the golf course and coaches get unceremoniously fired. Then comes the unenviable task of owners and management to find a new coach – that rare discovery of the golden wheat amongst the chaff.

Enter the racist “Rooney Rule”. The “Rooney Rule” was named for the Pittsburgh Steelers owners, the Rooney family – namely Dan Rooney, who is also chairman of the leagues “Diversity Committee”. Ugh!

The rule stipulates that a team must, at minimum, interview at least one “minority” candidate for a head coaching job or general manager position. It does not apply to any other team positions.

Why only these positions, you ask? Although other staff and position coaches are quite important, they are not the “face of the team”. It’s symbolism over substance. Every assistant coach on the team could be black but that still wouldn’t be good enough.

Well, you might say, that still sounds “fair”. There needs to be more minority head coaches and GM’s in the NFL.

So the teams like the Redskins, Vikings (who fired a minority coach), Brown’s, Lions and Titans, have already or still must interview at least one black coach. Let’s be real. That’s what they mean. Minority equals black.

So if you’re one of the black coaching candidates, how would that make you feel? The NFL has effectively told you, you can’t get a job without our help. That will boost your self-esteem. Evidently, the NFL feels that black coaches aren’t as good as whites.

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