The Supreme Court decision to eliminate a decades-old cap on individual campaign donations poses “an existential threat” to the nation’s democracy, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) charged Thursday.

The California Democrat, who has long championed legislation to limit the influence of money in politics, warned that the high court’s ruling would only heighten the power of well-heeled interests in Washington at the expense of the vast majority of Americans.

“It wasn’t surprising what the court did, this being the court that decided Citizens United,” Pelosi said, referring to the 2010 ruling that eliminated caps on corporate and union donations. “But it adds great insult to a terrible injury to our democracy.

“This is a very existential threat to who we are and how we do our campaigning,” she said, adding that “it should be something that should be roundly rejected.”

Pelosi acknowledged the ruling doesn’t discriminate between the parties and that Democrats will now have access to more money from their wealthy donors, just as the Republicans will from theirs. But that doesn’t excuse a system, she argued, where a minority of wealthy people — regardless of their party — hold outsized sway over the election landscape.