With the President signing into law a last-minute bill that came after the House and Senate struck a deal on federal spending, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) once again is taking an irresponsible approach to government, asking “what difference does it make” about what was included in the legislation.

Pelosi addressed reporters during her weekly press briefing Thursday afternoon and discussed the 11th hour budget deal that re-opened the government and narrowly avoided a default. The bill, which ignores the spending caps mandated by the sequester, includes several appropriations that have raised many eyebrows. But as Pelosi told the media, the goal was to pass the bill, not worry about what was in it.

“You know what, what difference does it make? Why are we talking about this?” the California Democrat said when asked about the spending authorizations. “We’re talking about a bill, as I said last night, I’m not asking anybody to vote for this bill on the merits. Let’s talk about the fact that $986 [billion] is not a figure that enables the government to work for the American people. Let us focus on the fact that February is not an appropriate extension of the full faith and credit of the United States.”

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