When asked during her weekly press conference about whether then-New York Senator Hillary Clinton’s vote for the Iraq War should be “disqualifying,” Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said what was actually “important” was to elect a woman president.

QUESTION: [Former Rhode Island Governor] Lincoln Chaffee said earlier this week that any Democrat who voted for the Iraq war should be disqualified as being your party’s nominee. You called the Iraq war among other things ‘a grotesque mistake.’ He was obviously implying that Hillary Clinton should not be the nominee. If you don’t agree with Lincoln Chaffee, why not?

PELOSI: If we are relitigating the Iraq War, let me say that in the House of Representatives, we saw things differently in a majority of the House Democrats voting against the Iraq War… I was top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee at the time. As such, I was required to receive all of the intelligence… all the information the White House had on going into Iraq. And I said at the time, the intelligence does not support the threat. I had better access than most people, I couldn’t really say what I saw.

But I don’t think a vote on a war 13 years ago, 14 years ago; the vote was ’02, so that many years ago… I mean this was wrong all around. Having said it, that was then, this is now. We go forward. And I do not think that Hillary Clinton took on that, nor did I think the vote John Kerry took on it disqualifies him for being president.

Again, Hillary Clinton has been a strong — she comes to this, yes, as a woman. It happens to be that she’s a woman. She’s so qualified. She has had great national security experience as a member of the Armed Services Committee and as Secretary of State. And for these and so many reasons she’ll be one of the strongest, best prepared people to enter the Oval Office in a long time. There are some others, but she will be among the best prepared to serve as president.

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