House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) continued her heartless-Republicans drumbeat on Thursday, accusing Republicans of “moving the goalpost” for demanding that an extension of unemployment benefits include job-creation measures:

Republicans also want the three-month, $6.5-billion unemployment insurance extension to be paid for, something Pelosi opposes.

“The fact is — that the Republicans are not just asking for pay-fors. They keep moving the goalpost: and, ‘We want job creation,’ a euphemism for tax breaks for the rich; and, ‘We want to end regulation, clean air, clean water,’ you name it. They want to simplify life for those who would exploit. So it’s not just about the monetary offset,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi and her fellow Democrats want to pass the three-month extension on an emergency basis (no pay-fors), then “talk about the larger issue of what we do for the next year.”

On another topic, Pelosi accused Republicans of trying to take away health insurance from “9 million Americans who already have it and prevent many more millions of Americans from having it.”

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