It’s been just over a year since James Holmes entered an Aurora, Colorado “gun-free” theater and shot up a bunch of defenseless movie-goers. Since then, gun control activists have capitalized off of the murder victims in their attempt to appeal to Americans’ emotions.

When that debate began to fizzle, Sandy Hook conveniently happened in a gun-free school, and since it involved more people and little kids, politicians were able to more effectively tug at America’s heartstrings to convince people that gun confiscation is really the most responsible thing to do to combat “gun violence.” But because of the evil gun lobby, even the “compromised” Manchin-Toomey bill failed in the Senate.

Now, we’re waiting for the next act of mass murder that is sure to be bigger, bloodier and better than Sandy Hook and Aurora combined. And when the media works its magic, it’ll be equally more entertaining and dramatic, especially when they delve into and dwell on the “lone gunman’s” twisted and shocking past and personal life.

No doubt the media will feast on it like a parasite, sucking the lifeblood of the victims and churning out increased profits in the form of higher ratings. And politicians will cry fake tears in exchange for votes, money and guns. You know the drill.