Outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has been talking about a 22% reduction in the Pentagon budget.  Yet, as I reported yesterday, Panetta is also poised to extend a number of costly benefits to the unmarried partners of gay military personnel.  At a time when the rest of the military has to cut their budgets, Panetta wants to spend more money to reward the sinful lifestyles of homosexual members of the military.  But mind you, the same benefits are NOT being extended to the unmarried partners of heterosexual military personnel.

So how bad are the military budget cuts that will help to pay for those discriminatory benefits?

Part of that budget reduction involves the decrease in the number of military personnel serving our country.  Every branch of the armed forces is cutting back on their active duty rosters. The Marine Corp stands to lose 15,200 from its active and reserve ranks.  The Army and Army National Guard will be losing 67,100 soldiers while the Navy reduces its staff by 8,600 and the Air Force by 1,700 for a grand total of 82,600.  The plan is supposed to help reduce the Pentagon budget by $487 billion dollars over the next ten years.

Now we are hearing that the Pentagon budget woes and uncertainties are causing the Navy to put a hold on the refueling and complex overhaul (RCOH) of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN-77).
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