Pentagon officials on Tuesday called for the $6 billion cut to military pensions to be changed so current service members and veterans are not affected.

Acting Deputy Defense Secretary Christine Fox said at a Senate hearing the Pentagon would “strongly recommend” grandfathering the cuts included in last month’s two-year budget deal.

This would ensure that current retirees, and people now in the military who will retire and see their pensions reduced, would not be affected by the cuts. Only future members of the military would see their pensions reduced.

This is the first time the Pentagon has called for a change to the pension cut, and it is likely to spur momentum to change the controversial provision. More than a third of lawmakers have endorsed repealing the $6 billion cut altogether, and veterans groups have lobbied fiercely to reverse it.

The cut was included along with a separate reduction to the pensions of civilian workers. That cut only affected civilian workers hired after Jan. 1, 2014.