Some users of the White House’s petition-hosting service are petitioning to end the online petitions, which ostensibly inform President Barack Obama of Americans’ grievances.

The so-called “We the People” petition site, launched in 2011, “is littering the Internet and provides no real value,” the petition’s creator complained.

“This is not participation in the political process. This is a way for you to cherry pick a few popular issues and make a statement to get some quick press coverage,” according to the author, identified only by initials F.B.

To sign White House petitions, people must first register with the site using a name, ZIP code and email address. If a petition reaches 100,000 signatures within 30 days of its creation, an Obama administration official will issue a response.

“Focus on reforming the policies of a post 9/11 government, the platform you ran on… instead of wasting everybody’s time with this nonsense ‘petitions’ web site,” the petition author continued. “You can dull the minds of the masses with these cheap tricks, but you can’t fool …the critical thinkers.”

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