Oops! David Petraeus was going to get paid $200 thousand a year as a very part-time “visiting professor” at City University of New York. That would be for exactly two lectures a year. He would be happily raking in the money right now except Gawker spoiled his fun by breaking the news.

But now it is all fixed.

“After several weeks of public criticism, CUNY announced the pay cut today. ‘The general never was taking on this teaching assignment for the money,’ says Petraeus’ lawyer, per the Times. ‘Once controversy arose about the amount he was being paid, he decided it was much more important to keep the focus on the students, on the school and on the teaching, and not have it be about the money.’ The dean of CUNY’s honors college, nevertheless, stands by the price tag. ‘We felt that we had the opportunity to bring somebody of extreme stature to be with our students and that whether the salary was $200,000 or $150,000 he was absolutely worth it,’ she says.”

What nonsense. The Gawker provides documentation that shows it was all about the money. What seems to have really gone wrong for CUNY is that it expected there to be a “private donor” who would pay for Petraeus’ six-hour work year. If Petraeus’ pay came from the general fund, that would raise many issues considering that CUNY is not a private institution.

What would it mean if CUNY had found a donor to cover this salary? It would have been a kickback from someone that owed Petraeus a favor or who hoped to gain a favor from him. It seems that Petraeus’ record has left him without a long line of buyers wishing to repay or purchase his services.