So, now, we’re learning that the reason disgraced former CIA Director David Petraeus’ extra-marital affair with Paula Broadwell (age 39) came to light is that she was e-mail harassing his younger female friend, Jill Kelley (age 37). Wow, this is gettin’ better than “Fatal Attraction.” Was Kelley another Petraeus concubine? She says no, and so does Petraeus. Whatever the case, we now know that the FBI knew about all of this back in the summer.

While it’s being reported that Kelley and her husband were close friends of the Petraesus, Broadwell certainly thought there was something going on between them, which is why Broadwell send threatening e-mails to Kelley. It begs the question: how many other chicks did this unscrupulous then-CIA Director have? He may turn out to be the White Kwame Kilpatrick . . . at least in the “dating” (euphemism) department.

What kind of CIA Director has multiple girlfriends other than his wife? Maybe this one. He does like Islam, and, hey, he’s got his own harem. Imagine the blackmail this doofus exposed himself to. If it weren’t so scary to U.S. national security, it would be comedy gold. I mean, is this guy Petraeus gonna turn out to have more mistresses than Tiger Woods? Don’t bet against it.

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