The Hillary Clinton campaign for president is shifting to a higher gear with a new and clever pitch that ties together her likely bid and a fundraising gimmick.

In two emails to supporters from the growing “Ready for Hillary” from former Democratic presidential candidate Wes Clark and Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., the draft movement is soliciting donations of “$20.16.”

In her note, McCaskill said, “I like how this sounds: Hillary Clinton, 2016 presidential candidate. Obviously whether to run is a huge decision that Hillary will not make lightly. But I can bet you that the more people who are out there urging her to run, the more likely it is that she’ll go for it.”

She concluded, “Candidate Clinton sounds good, but President Hillary Clinton would be even better.”

Clark, the former Army general, said, “It takes a special person to be president of the United States. You need to be tough to do the job, and I know from experience that you need to have a huge foundation of grassroots support to get there. Now is when we need to build that support for Hillary to win in 2016.”

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