Sam Swicegood, a Pizza Hut delivery man in Maryland fought off a group of attackers as he was attempting to deliver pizzas, and what happens? Pizza Hut gave him a demotion.

According to Swicegood, he was sucker punched, which caused his glasses to “fly off.” He then dropped the pizzas he was carrying and began to swing a small piece of a tent pole he had at his attackers, while covering his face. “It’s a little fiberglass road I had up my sleeve not thinking I would actually have to use it but more or less having a little comfort up my sleeve,” recalled Sam.

Swicegood faced five attackers and said those odds “is just not a good situation to be in.”

He said, “I thought I was about to die.”

The attackers fled without his money or his pizzas. However, Fox News Insider says that Pizza Hut cut his hours and his pay for violating their “no weapons policy.”

The local Fox affiliate in Baltimore reported, “During the days that followed Pizza Hut made Sam a cook, slashing his hours and salary. Sam had violated Pizza Hut’s weapon policy which states that a driver cannot be armed.”