Planned Parenthood Federation of America is directing visitors to its website to sign up for health insurance plans through Obamacare that include the nation’s largest abortion provider as “in-network providers.”

The home page at features the headline: “Find a health plan in the marketplace that includes Planned Parenthood.”

Visitors can enter their zip code to find out what health care plans in the “marketplace” include Planned Parenthood and its services.

When you type in a zip code for Washington, D.C. – 20002 – the site locates three plans that include Planned Parenthood services: Aetna, United and Carefirst DC Blue Cross Blue Shield.

“The health insurance plans in the Marketplace listed on the right include Planned Parenthood as an in-network provider,” the text states. “That means you can use your insurance to cover health care services at Planned Parenthood if you have any of the insurance plans listed here. And with your new insurance, birth control and annual well-woman exams will be covered for free, with no copay!”

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