In the wake of yet another high-profile school shooting we are hearing the all too predictable calls for more laws, more restrictions.
The people who are raising the cry are afraid. They like to complain about how their plans for restrictions are just “common sense,” but they’re not. Laws restricting guns are the desperate gambit of frightened people.

We already have thousands of gun laws on the books across this country, from local to federal levels.

We also have laws regarding the police and how they may intervene in cases where they suspect a crime may be committed.
In fact, some of those laws brought police to the door of Elliot Rodger several weeks before he launched his attack. He had posted some of his threatening videos on YouTube and been reported, apparently, to local mental health officials who contacted the police. It’s unknown who ratted him out, but Rodger himself and various news reports suggest it may have been his mother.
When seven police officers showed up at Rodger’s door, he thought the jig was up. He feared that if they had searched his room the police would have found his guns and his written manifesto detailing his plans for a murder spree. That could have meant a one-way ticket to an iron cell, or maybe a padded one.

But they didn’t search his room, no doubt because of rules regarding probable cause. The police are investigating exactly what happened, but it sounds like this visit was what they sometimes call a “welfare check,” because they seemed more interested in whether Rodger was having suicidal thoughts than planning a crime. It’s unclear if they asked, but police seem to have been unaware that he had any guns, which is odd considering Rodger’s guns were bought legally and therefore should have been registered.

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