Below is an email received from a Florida police officer. Enjoy.

Hello Mr. Giles –

Awesome site.  I am on it constantly.  I really appreciate all you do for our country.

I am a police officer in a large agency in Florida.  I have served on the streets of this city for 16 years and have seen more than my share of “Gun Violence,” with several occasions where the bullets were intended for my head.

If a liberal read that, they would assume I am for total gun control.  In reality, I – like most police officers in the country, am firmly against the joke and lie that liberals try to play off as a “means to make society safer.”

I have never once arrested a member of the NRA.  I know you know this, but good people don’t use guns to victimize others.  Good people use guns to protect themselves and others from the criminals who in most cases, get let off the hook by liberal judges and a liberal “Protect the defendants rights” mindset.

Gun control never works and never will, unless the politicians true purpose is to turn the citizens of a country into subjects of the government.

I recently took part in a survey conducted by, about gun control.  Officers and deputies from all over the country took the survey and the results are in.