Americans think Bill Clinton was a better president than Barack Obama, a new survey released Friday showed.

The Rasmussen Report poll found 62 percent of likely voters say President Obama’s “Secretary of Explaining Stuff” did a better job in the White House in his two terms from 1993-2001 than the current commander-in-chief.

Among Democrats, Clinton was the favorite, with 49 percent, compared to Obama’s 37 percent, results showed. Sixty-nine percent of Republicans and 70 percent of voters not affiliated with either major party picked Clinton over Obama as well, the survey found.

The poll finding was close to the 59 percent who preferred Clinton in a poll conducted around the time of the Democratic National Convention last year, when Obama joked he should name Clinton his “Secretary of Explaining Stuff” after his defense of Obama and his policies in Charlotte, N.C.

The former president vaulted back into the headlines earlier this week for urging Obama to keep his promise to let people keep their existing health insurance plans even if they don’t meet the standards of the new national healthcare law.