A new Washington Post-ABC poll indicates a majority of registered voters want a Republican-controlled Congress in order to check President Barack Obama’s agenda, according to the Post.

Only 39 percent of voters said Congress should be controlled by Democrats to support Obama policies, while 53 percent said Republicans should be in charge of Congress.

Some two-thirds of those surveyed said the country was on the wrong track, the Post said. The president’s approval rating dropped from the 46 percent of three months ago to 41 percent.

On the economy, 42 percent approve of Obama’s performance; 37 percent endorse his implementation of the Affordable Care Act, and 34 percent back his management of the Ukraine crisis.

Analysts are paying attention to whether Republicans can capture the Senate in addition to retaining the House, according to the Post. For now, 45 percent of voters say they plan to vote Democratic in House races against 44 percent who will vote for GOP candidates.

Asked if Democrats in Congress deserved to be re-elected, 60 percent replied: “No they do not.” At the same time, 65 percent said Republicans in Congress also didn’t deserve to be re-elected.

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