Who cares about quality!  My question is – “If I buy their product, will the company feed the homeless, save the planet, or clothe the orphans?”

When did making a profit from selling a quality product turn into such a bad thing? In today’s up-is-down and black-is-white world of turbulent, backwards social agendas, the new face of commerce is for businesses to posture as pseudo-charitable organizations, not interested in profit, but only really interested in promoting social responsibility.

As for me, I consider a company employing people to make a product that works for a long time and that can be sold at a reasonable price to be a good thing for society. But, apparently, in today’s “progressive” world, that is not enough…

I am not old enough to rightfully be able to claim, “In my day, products were made to last.” I missed out on the days of General Electric building a fridge that would last a quarter century.

However, I can say that I have been a witness to a troubling marketing trend of products over the last decade. Companies are striving less and less to show that their products are the most durable or the least expensive. Instead, we consumers are bombarded with claims that buying their products feeds the homeless, saves the planet or promotes some kind of social justice.

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