While the media, the race baiters and the Obama Justice Department were demonizing George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin case, a black mob of 12 people, ages 12 to 42, beat Ashley Flournoy, a woman who was six months pregnant. Interestingly, it occurred in Sanford, Florida, the very city that the Zimmerman/Martin incident took place. The information about what took place comes from only local television outlets.

The attack took place back in February of this year. The Sheriff’s Office said that the attack took place outside of Flournoy’s home in Sanford on Daffodil Terrace. Deputies say that one of the alleged assailants said that the group “did not care that she was pregnant” and that the fight stemmed from an argument. One of the alleged assailants, Harry Roberts, said that Flournoy was the aggressor. Roberts said, “The pregnant woman went and hit my cousin-in-law’s daughter, a juvenile, and them two were fighting. They’re telling us aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, and we never touched that girl.” Read more:
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