Is Harry Reid running the country? Is President Obama a nonessential employee sidelined by the sequester?

Everything you see going on with respect to the shutdown must be viewed through a single prism: the Senate, 2014. Democrats probably won’t win the House – it’s a midterm election in a president’s second term, which is usually bad news for the president’s Party. But they could lose the Senate.

This is why there aren’t any negotiations, and it’s the real reason why the “suffering” attending the shutdown will occur. Harry Reid wants to ensure he remains as Senate Majority Leader. To do that, he hopes to try to implant in the minds of voters that if Republicans take charge of both Houses of Congress, the lunatics will be running the asylum.

And so, preforming his self-appointed role as Nurse Ratched, Harry won’t negotiate. He won’t even appoint “conferees” to hash out differences between House and Senate bills. He WILL let Ted Cruz take the floor for 21 hours, hoping the public recoils in disgust. And he WILL let the shutdown play out as long as possible, hoping a public denied entrance to Yellowstone blames Republicans and hardens in grim anger against them.

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