President Obama is returning to Martha’s Vineyard next month, making his fourth trip to the wealthy island in Massachusetts since he became president.

Obama will arrive on the Vineyard on August 10, and plans to remain on the island until August 18, according to the White House. He will arrive with First Lady Michelle Obama. Officials would not disclose any travel information about their two daughters, but they typically vacation on the Vineyard as well.

The Obama family also vacationed on the vineyard in 2009, 2010, and 2011. They didn’t head to the island last year, a vacation that would have fallen in the months leading up to the presidential election. It was a time period where Obama was focused on the campaign, but also in not stirring any controversy (such as taking a respite on an exclusive island in deep blue Massachusetts).

The trip has been rumored for weeks, but until Friday afternoon the White House had not confirmed it or released any dates.

Islanders, it appears, are looking forward to his return.

C’est la Vie, is designing a new t-shirt to mark the president’s return. Sharky’s Cantina is preparing to roll out its “Obamarita” once again, enticing customers with a margarita made with mandarin oranges, pineapple juice, and tequila (they also have Barack-o-taco, and Barack-guac).

“We’re just pandering,” concedes owner JB Blau.

One mystery is where the Obamas will stay. The 28.5-acre estate they have rented in the past, called Blue Heron Farm, was sold in December 2011 to a European couple and it is apparently unavailable to the Obamas to rent.

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