By: Warner Todd Huston

Over the last two months we have seen more leaks coming out of the deep state, left-wing, money wasting federal government than we’ve ever seen in American history and it’s all aimed at destroying Trump and preventing him from cutting down the un-American administrative state. If it wasn’t clear before it is now; the federal government needs to be slashed to the bone.

Why are these deep state government employees doing this? For no other reason than to protect their undeserved jobs, their unelected power, and their rich pensions all at the expense of you and me, the U.S. taxpayer. Like thieves, they want to make sure they can continue their grift to our detriment.

As conservatives, we are used to advocating to “vote them all out of office.” We are also fond of saying we want that agency or this agency to be closed down. But in all the years that conservatives have been espousing this goal, there has never been any real movement in that direction. Until, that is, Donald J. Trump entered the White House.

Not only do we have a president who is used to the logical business practice of firing people who aren’t performing to expectations, but we also have advising him Stephen Bannon, a man whose stated goal has for years been to disempower the administrative state that oppresses this nation.

So, we live in an exciting time for small government conservatism. As conservatives we should now be taking up the call to fire every government worker from the smallest village receptionist or sewer worker to the staffers of the highest Senator and every menial clerk and recalcitrant paper shuffler in between.

I recognize that we won’t get that out come and that we do need some government workers, granted. But we need to drive the discussion to the most desired end instead of hedging for “reasonable” cuts. Why? Because in Washington, “reasonable” cuts are never cuts at all.

Donald Trump knows well the art of the deal. As a movement, we need to learn it too. Come to the table with your dearest wishes right up front and negotiate from there. Don’t come to the table with 1/4 of a loaf to be “reasonable” and then negotiate half of that away just to “get a deal.”

I am not just railing at the famously lazy government worker here. It’s also not just that many government workers are better paid than just about any real American in the private sector — whether they deserve it or not. It’s not because they are often impossible to fire, nor is it because they get a better pension and more comprehensive health care than anyone who really contributes to society… our campaign to fire every government worker is all that, yes, but it is far, far more.

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