So, consider this story. It tells us the following about the talking points that were delivered to Ambassador Susan Rice–the very same ones that she delivered to the public:

  • General Petraeus reported in congressional testimony that someone removed references to “terrorism” and “al Qaeda. He also said that it wasn’t the CIA.
  • The Obama administration won’t tell us who made the changes.
  • Later on, the CIA said that “a senior level in the inter-agency process” is where and when the changes were made, and that the changes were made in order to protect intelligence sources and methods.
  • Later on, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence reported that actually, the changes were made because the connections to terrorism were too “tenuous” to make public.
  • Still later, acting Director of Central Intelligence Michael Morell said that it was the FBI who made the changes, and that the changes were made to ensure that an ongoing criminal investigation would not be compromised.

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