Vice President Biden traveled to Baltimore Wednesday evening for an “official” event that seemed to have another, more political, purpose: Donor maintenance.

Biden appeared last night at the “opening ceremonies” for a new building at a law school in Baltimore

“Vice President Joe Biden is helping Baltimore celebrate the new University of Baltimore law center,” trumpets the lede of a story on the website of a local Baltimore news outlet. That would seem odd, since vice presidents don’t normally travel to local law schools to “celebrate” a new building.

Strange, until you find out that the new John and Frances Angelos Law Center is named for the parents of Baltimore Orioles owner – and Democratic megadonor – Peter G. Angelos. Not only has Angelos earned a warm “thank you” from Democrats – and President Obama and Biden in particular – but he is someone whose help Biden most certainly will want if he hopes to become president in 2016.

In just the last few years, Angelos and his family have contributed millions of dollars to the Democratic Party, Democratic PACs, and a broad swath of Democratic candidates, including Obama and Biden. On the same day Obama ordered the flags at half staff on federal buildings in mourning for the victims of the Boston tragedy, Biden staged an event that seemed as much about political money as anything else.

According to the campaign finance watchdog, the Law Offices of Peter G. Angelos is the fifth biggest Biden contributor in the years since 1989, with individuals who work at the firm donating $164,100 to Biden through 2012. Peter Angelos’s son Louis works at the firm and is a Biden contributor.

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