National and local pro-life organizations have joined in calling for a boycott of the Girls Scouts’ annual cookie drive over the Girl Scouts USA’s support for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

Among the groups supporting the boycott are the Pro-Life Action League, American Life League, the Radiance Foundation, LifeNews, Operation Rescue, the National Black Pro-Life Union, Life Coalition International, Texas-based Pro-Life Waco, Glendale, and California-based Shield of Roses.

The boycott organizers have named their campaign CookieCott 2014 and have set up at website at The pro-life websites such as and are giving the boycott extensive coverage.

An early leader of the cookie boycott is John Pisciotta of Pro-Life Waco, in Waco, Texas, who has been opposing the Girl Scouts’ increasingly feminist agenda for years. A report written 10 years ago by Paul Nowak, a staff writer, noted that local pro-life groups had criticized the Bluebonnet Council of the Girl Scouts for its sponsorship of Planned Parenthood’s “Nobody’s Fool” sex education program for Waco-area children entering grade five through nine. The “education,” Donna Coody of Brownie Troop 7087 told the Waco Tribune-Herald at the time, included literature saying that abortion is an acceptable practice.

Pisciotta’s Pro-Life Waco organized a boycott of the Girl Scouts’ cookie sale in 2004 and that boycott continues 10 years later.

Joe Pojman, executive director of Texas Alliance for Life, issued a statement after the first boycott: “I applaud the local pro-lifers for taking on this issue because Planned Parenthood of Central Texas is such an aggressive promoter of abortion in Waco.”

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